About Shaggy Chic Grooming Boutique

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Shaggy Chic Grooming Boutique is owned and operated by Rob Gill. He loves animals and takes great pleasure in grooming dogs, thats what makes this such a perfect match.
At Shaggy Chic Grooming Boutique we have only professionally trained and certified groomers, in addition all staff have pet first aid/CPR certifications.
Since we know that pets are family, we pride ourselves on making your pets feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible while they are with us. Grooming is done at your dog's pace - if your dog seems a bit stressed or tired we will take rest breaks to give him/her the time needed to rest or become comfortable.We are a Veterinarian recommended Dog Grooming Salon.

We are exceptional at handling dogs of a wide variety of sizes, temperaments, ages, and breeds and have the experience and ability to create different styles to suit you and your dog.

We love what we do, and forming a relationship with an animal and its owner is of highest importance to us.
For puppies' first grooming visit we want their experience to be a positive one that is stress free and fun. Their initial experiences of being groomed will determine how they will feel about being groomed for the rest of their lives. We will only do what we feel your puppy can handle on its first grooming. We suggest you come by for a visit to meet us and for us to meet your canine family member.

When we groom senior dogs that may have joint pain or stiffness (just like us humans when we get older), we give them a break to relax during the grooming session. We will sometimes do a comfort cut where the minimum is done to make your pet comfortable. We will not do anything on an older or infirm dog that causes pain or discomfort.

Rob Gill - Owner Operator

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Rob Gill is the owner of Shaggy Chic grooming Boutique and has been grooming dogs for over 14 years. Rob has always been a pet lover, starting with cats, birds, and then on to dogs. While he grooms all breeds, his specialty is Schnauzers and was the proud dad of two miniature schnauzer's for over 19 years. He now enjoys the company of a Hairless Chinese Crested puppy. Rob earned his pet grooming certification through ICS, followed by apprenticeship under a Master Groomer. Rob is also certified through St. John Ambulance in pet first aid/CPR.

Our Policies


It is our policy that all groomers have a pet grooming certification from a recognized grooming training centre.  All grooming staff (groomers and bathers) will have a pet first aid/CPR certification.

We will not use tranquilizers or drugs on your pet as that requires the care of  a licensed veterinarian.

Our humane treatment policies.

At Shaggy Chic we strive to provide you, our customers with the desired cut for your dog, however, in certain circumstances the welfare of your dog must be taken into consideration. We will not, under any circumstances, cause discomfort to your dog in order to obtain that ideal cut.
What do we mean by this statement?
This is best answered with some examples:

  • When a dog is groomed it requires the movement or manipulation of their limbs (in order to trim the dog's underside and the inside of the legs). If your dog has any health issues that affects his/her ability to stand or if manipulation of their limbs causes pain, we will encourage you to select a more suitable trim based on each dog's situation. But don't worry we have plenty of experience in dealing with a variety of ailments.
  • If your dog's coat is matted to the point it cannot be humanely brushed out, (brushing out a badly matted dog can be very painful for the dog) we may need to trim the dog's coat fairly short. The length will be determined by the severity of the matting.
  • If your dog has anxiety issues or is easily stressed, we will not rush their visit. Dog's with these issues take more time and patience and we will give them the extra time they need. This same policy sometimes applies to a puppy's first grooming. We want a puppy's first grooming experience to be a truly positive one, as it will affect him/her for the rest of their life.
  • We will pluck the hair from healthy ears but not infected ears. This type of condition needs to be treated by a veterinarian. Please check with your vet as to his or her recommendations.

Your dog's welfare always comes first!